Prevent websites openning in

Google has apparently started to tag certain websites as “slow to load” when browsing through results from the Internet company’s mobile search engine and when you click the search result it is opened in the “googleweblight”.

With users increasingly becoming dependent on mobile Internet, slowdowns are one of the major problems being encountered. The problem isn’t completely avoidable as it can be due to several different reasons, including congestion in the mobile network, users reaching data caps or poor connections within an area.

If Google thinks that the user is on a slow internet connection, it will subject the webpages to a process called “Transcode”, which on the fly converts the webpage into a lighter version, with an aim of consuming less data. However with this process of transcoding, the web page looses its original identity, its intended function and looks like a distorted webpage, reducing user satisfaction.

Hence, as a developer of the web pages the solution lies with you, i.e. to tell the Google Search that you do not want your webpage to be transcoded. Here is how you can do it. You have to simply set the HTTP header “Cache-Control: no-transform” in your webpage. When Google bot sees this header, it will not transform your page into something looking out of place.

And your pages will look and behave exactly as you intended them to be……

Happy designing and developing…..