Tracking Malicious Activity On Facebook

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Recently we encountered a situation wherein one of our contributors, suspected a malicious activity on his facebook account. So, in order to track from where the said malicious activity originated, he followed few steps which are presented here in a generalised way. These steps may be followed, to track origin of the malicious activity by anyone.

  • Log in to your facebook account.
  • Goto account Settings->Security->Active Sessions option on your home page.
  • There it will be showing all the currently active sessions, i.e. places from where u (or ur attacker) is currently logged in.
  • See if u are able to find an unfamiliar active session (If any).
  • It gives you the estimated location also and if u do Mouse-Over i.e. hover your mouse on the location, it will show the IP address of that session….
  • thats it, record that IP address and try to trace it, although facebook is also showing you the estimated location…Active Sessions In Facebook

You can use this procedure only if you are lucky and your attacker’s session is active to notice, if the guy logs off before u see the active session, i fear if u can find it out……..


Remedial Measures/ Corrective Actions

Please click on end activity link and

change your facebook password as well as that of associated e mail id(s) immediately…..

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