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    Advertisement for recruitment of Patwari by Department of Land Records is out in Punjab and the exam is going to be conducted soon. Let us prepare for the forthcoming exam.

    The exam will be conducted in two parts – Part I and Part II. Part I is of qualifying nature only, whereas Part II will matter for merit alongwith interview marks. Remember, both Part I and II exams have got negative marking, hence answer only those questions which you feel you are hundred per cent sure.

    We will start posting expected questions for the Patwari Exam and also the questions which were asked in similar such exams previously.

    Users are also requested to post old/ previous questions and get assistance from other users to solve them and post likely / expected questions also.

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    It’s a good initiative to share and expand knowledge and prepare well for the exam.

    I would request if someone can post the old question papers or the books for the exams.

    Even one one question from everyone will help, kende hai na “Ghut Ghut nal ghara bharda hai” :-).

    Chalo few questions from my side for practice:-

    1. How many Kanals are there in one acre/ one hectare of land:-
    (a) 8 Kanals.
    (b) 20 Kanals.
    (c) 16 Kanals.
    (d) 1 Kanal.

    2. What is the formula for area of a triangle?
    (a) 0.5 * base * height.
    (b) 0.5 * base + height.
    (c) 0.5 * height + base.
    (d) 0.5 + base * height.

    3. What is the formula for area of a circle?
    (a) 3.1447 * radius * diameter.
    (b) 3.1447 * radius + diameter.
    (c) 3.1447 * radius * radius.
    (d) 3.1447 * radius + radius.

    4. What is the formula for area of a rectangle?
    (a) 3.1447 * length * width.
    (b) 3.1447 * length + width
    (c) Length * width.
    (d) 3.1447 + Length + width.

    5. How many Marlas are there in one acre/ one hectare of land:-
    (a) 6 Marla.
    (b) 20 Marla.
    (c) 160 Marla.
    (d) 1 Marla.

    Pls write your Answers in the comments section, I will write correct answers as per book tomorrow.

    Also, depending upon response and contribution of questions from other users I would also try to gather more questions and publish here.

    Wish us all a very best for the exam……. 🙂

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    So guys, we are also presenting a mock test for upcoming Patwari exam to test your skills. To take the mock test go to

    If you like the mock test just hit the “Like” button or the “+1” button……

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    Jappi Bains

    Thats a good initiative to support all the guys who are preparing for the Patwari recruitment exam in Punjab. The mock test at will be quite helpful in preparations for the exam being conducted by the Punjab revenue department.

    All the best….

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