End of Adsense plugin for wordpress

End of Adsense plugin for wordpress

Recently received an update from GOOGLE ADSENSE that the Adsense plugin for WordPress will be depreciated soon in coming few months.

So, what is happening?
The official AdSense Plugin for WordPress will be deprecated in May 2017. You will no longer be able to edit your ad settings and ad units directly through the AdSense Plugin. It has been conveyed that your existing ad units will keep showing ads but you won’t be able to make any changes.

So Google Recommends following actions:-
For a better user experience on your site and to be able to make changes to your ad units, we recommend you follow these steps:
1. Back up your WordPress site.
2. Deactivate the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress (and remove existing AdSense ads).
3. Choose one of the options below to continue showing AdSense ads:
Option 1: Show ads with QuickStart
Option 2: Show custom AdSense ads
4. Make sure your site stays compliant with the AdSense ad placement policies.
5. Remove the official AdSense plugin completely.
6. Optional: To keep using the Google Search Console, make sure you verify your site.
Learn more about this upcoming change in the AdSense Help Center.

Hence, due to this change in policy of GOOGLE there may be some additional work to be done by the developers……. Guys be ready to do some more effort to keep up with the changes………

Basics of Firewalls in Linux

What is a Firewall?

Just as a firewall in a building attempts to prevent a fire from spreading, a computer firewall attempts to prevent malicious or unwanted software from spreading to your computer from the network.

A Firewall also helps to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your computer.

In a default Linux installation, a firewall exists between your computer or network and any untrusted networks, for example the Internet. It determines which services on your computer remote users can access. A properly configured firewall can greatly increase the security of your system.

It is strongly recommended that you configure a firewall for any system with an Internet connection properly, to secure your computer from malicious software and external attackers.

In our next post we would like to throw some light on the ways to configure a firewall on various popular flavours of Linux.

gate 2016 result declared

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